Sunday, 3 May 2015

7 Things You Need To Know Before Real Sex

As a sexuality teacher, I am here to tell you about the "Ten things you need to know before real sex."I invest a large portion of my energy helping folks see how to educate their kids and young people about sex and sexuality.The majority of the issues that accompany those things of having real sex. One question that folks regularly request me is the way by which they verify their teens are prepared to have intercourse. Setting aside issues of whether people ought to have considerable information and control over their teen's sexual activities, I found that people were depending on objectives that were very ambiguous.And so, These are my ten tips that teenagers need to know before they have real sex. Just to make it clear, these are must do things before you have oral sex, sexual penetration, or anything else that could get you pregnant or any STD.

10 Things Before Sex
1. Know the other person’s sexual history.
If someone is making a sexual path towards your heart, you must know his/her history. And I don’t mean just vaginal intercourse for this one! I mean everything.

2. Have your best friend’s Opinion If Possible.
It is often our best friends who can give us a true suggestion about our lovers and our sexual lovers for what they really are. Listen to their advises, Listen what your best friend says, and take it to heart.

3. Must Meet your partner’s parents.
Make sure you know your partner’s parents. The best sex is when you know your partner very well, and knowing someone’s parents is an important part of sex. (Even if they’re really, really different from their family.)

4. Use condoms As Your First Choice.
Make sure Condoms should be part of your respectful sexual relationship. It can protect you from so many aftershocks. It can avoid pregnancy, It can avoid Sexual disease as well. There need be no assumption of hook ups outside of the relationship, just an assumption of good sexual habits being made and kept.

5. Make Sure Your Partner Is Not Just A Sex Freak
Some people date other just for the sake of sex. Being a good person, you need to know, what for you are going to do sex. Is the other one is just a sex freak? will he/she support you after the one night of sex? You just can't throw your body in anybody's hands.

6. Are You Comfortable Getting Naked In Front Of Each Other?
You just can't put your clothes off infront of all humans. first revisit your thoughts, can you really easily turn off your clothes in front of him/her? Fantasy is never a reality anyways.

7. Do Not Go Blindly 
Sex is a genuine way to feel closer to someone, so it’s understandable if you experience intense feelings about sex. If you’re worried about the feelings you’re having, re-think, talk it through with your partner or someone you can trust, like a good friend, family member or a counsellor.


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