Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Most Expensive Dream Houses In United States

Whenever, you think of your house what comes next in your mind first? How your dream house should look like? Is it what Equipped with unlimited cash and a blank slate, Perhaps it should be like the one of the most expensive homes in the state. There are plenty of expensive real estate on the planet that can be included in this list of most expensive dream houses. I have collected some of the priceiest properties in every state. Whether you fancy guitar-shaped grounds (yes, they exist!) or prefer the tranquility of more than 8,600 feet of waterfront land, these over-the-top homes are the stuff of modern fairy tales. Check this list of best dream houses on the planet.

Alabama is so beautiful and Perfect for the Rock 'n Roll enthusiasts. It is probably the most lavishing estate with a guitar-shaped garden that could be yours for just $13.9 million. The property in Shoal Creek, I found somewhere that Alabama is an amazing mansion that comes complete with grounds shaped like a guitar.

According To Zillow 's most expensive houses in the state list, This house in Alaska is 10,000+ square foot home which has the price in market $4.8 million. Would you dare buying a beautiful house like this? It is such a nice and cool house , you'd love enjoying living with your spouse. Check top ten places to enjoy real sex.


This beautiful house in Los Angeles , Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, CA List Price: $125 millionHouse Size: 35,000 square feet Listed With: Michael Waddington. It is the best real estate deal in LA.


Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by a French chateaux, Suzanne Saperstein's 12 bed, 15 bath manse touts a ballroom that fits 200 guests, two kitchens, staff quarters for 10 people, a 50-seat theater, a 9-car garage and a 3/4 quarter mile jogging track.

These house is in Holmby Hills,California and it was put up for sale at a price tag of $150 million by Aaron Spelling’s widow,Candy.The most expensive house in the USA used to be William Randolph Hearst’s California estate,that mansion featured in “The Godfather”, in the horse head scene.Now,that title has been claimed by the largest home in Los Angeles County - “The Manor”. The Manor is build in the English-style and it has 56.500 sqares foot!(Whoo)In these luxury home there are 123 rooms,includint a screening room,gym,bowling alley,a tennis court,pool and 100-car parking lot.This is a home or a fun-land.


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