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10 Sexiest Female Celebrities With Breast Implants

It's a well known fact that superstars like to get bigger breast, and who wouldn't? Breast Implants, those enthusiastic things certainly get a lot of consideration on and off for celebrities. At the same time while a few celebs want to deny their optimized boobs (regardless of the possibility that they go from a B to a D over the mid year) others are glad to show off and examine their bosoms from public point of view. Here are 10 sexiest female celebs that have made their breasts bigger and have finished all the theory, yet regardless they have the bends to show for it.

10. Carmen Electra 
Carmen Electra had a breast size of 32B that later turned into D-cup size. She never hides her act of having those beautiful assets as she does not mind discussing about them. Even says, she gives her large breasts a partial credit for her success. If that’s true then she definitely got a great return on her investment, even if she later stated that she may have gone a tad too big with her implants. Check out 5 Celebrities with big booties.

9. Dolly Parton
People say that she has achieved a nice size. Dolly Parton is always a big thinker about her breasts. She keeps no secrets about her boob implants and has even gone so far as to say that if you’ve got the nerve, the money and the desire to have surgery, then you should find a doctor and do it. Dolly Parton has certainly proven that she has all three in spades.

8. Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams has a big pair of breasts that she got nearly 20 years ago. Well at least not until her 9 year old son found out about them from watching her show. She took it in stride telling her son that she met her husband as a frog but then transformed herself in to a swan. And a very well-endowed swan she is.

7. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie had a flat breast before having a nice actual looking implant. The starlet had to recreate her breasts after the operation and says that her new breasts are beautiful. Her new implants seem to be modest and much like her old ones so they draw very little attention from the boob job searching crowd.

6. Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy keep nothing hidden from her fans. In fact, while talking about her own breast implants on her show she ended up juggling another set of silicone implants. She defended the implants by saying that after childbirth your breasts turn into pancakes. Well she’s certainly gone from pancakes to Belgian Waffles with her implants.

5. Pamela Anderson
The boobs that bounced around the world are fake, and everyone has known they are fake. But that didn’t stop millions of fans from watching her run along the beach. She sported her breasts for a number of years after getting the implants done to a 36 DD in 1990. In a strange twist there are now rumors that she may have had a breast reduction.

4. Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila has been very open about her infamous breasts. They’re totally fake and they’re still totally bringing in the money. From modeling in men’s magazines, to her own television show, her implants have certainly been earning their keep. But while she has copped to the breast implants that she got at the age of 18, rumors float that she has recently had another.

3. Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak,Another famous housewife, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta has not only admitted to breast implants but she’s upgraded them. At 20 she got saline implants that she loved enough to upgrade to silicone ones in 2010. The silicone ones are lighter and the reality star says that she loves her new boobs.

2. Jowww
This Jersey Shore star is happy to reveal that she got breast implants at a 21st birthday present. She even stated that she would do it every year if she could. So she either really just had a great time in surgery or she might want them to be even bigger. Or she just wants to fix the scars that made an appearance in some of her more revealing dresses.

1. Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian finds all the speculation about her breasts funny because she’s never hidden the fact that they are implants. She says she could care less about letting people know that she’s had implants and she is very happy with the outcome. She has no trouble showing off her breasts and they definitely seem to be making the mom very happy.


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