Sunday, 27 December 2015

7 Movie Sex Scenes Better Than Porn

If you love watching sex scenes in movies, If you consider movie sex scenes better than porn, Check this out. We have collected the 7 best scenes of movies that are hotter than porn. You'd love watching all of these scenes from movies containing sex. 


1. Blow My Mind (A dream scene with Amarna Miller)
Gorgeous rising star of the new generation of sex, Amarna Miller is a feisty, hot, clever, gorgeous, lovely body and filled with good emotions. Watch her sex scene 'blow my mind'.

2. Oral Sex – Blue Valentine 
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams went extremely hot performing this scene for reality feel. Blue Valentine sex scene is never afraid of making its audience feel horny.

3. Library Sex Scene – Atonement
Nothing is sexier than two sexiest celebrities performing sex scene a few rooms under from a lucious dinner party. Cecilia and Robbie really stunning in this library scene.

4. The First Time – Blue Is The Warmest Color
7 minutes of hot and delicious lesbian sex between two gorgeous and stunning ladies are probably the outcome of this movie.
 Blue Is The Warmest Color sex scene

5. Ice Cube Scene – Nine ½ Weeks
There's a scene in which hero teases heroin with an ice cube throught her stunning body. Her boobs can be seen live in this scene.

6. Train sex Scene – Risky Business
It is probably one of the best sex scenes of Tom cruise. Having fun with co-actress Rebecca De Mornay is a horny style.
Train sex Scene – Risky Business

7. Piano Sex Scene – Movie Pretty Woman
Richard gere and Julia Roberts performed exceptionally well in this movie sex scene of pretty woman - piano scene.
Piano Scene – Pretty Woman


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