Sunday, 28 December 2014

5 Best Movies With Sex Scenes

What makes a movie really sexy? Is it chemistry? Is it realism? A Sex Scene? Is it showing (more than a little) bodies? Movies with sex scenes can explain it really. Someone said: You know it when you watch it. (That said, the best sex movie is a world away from your average sex clip. It is quite true. Some Films have nice to watch sex scenes and people love watching those scenes. Some of those scenes are so much sexy that we feel them real. However there are a few movies with Unsimulated sex scenes. Here is a list of 5 best movies that contain sex scenes.


1. Nymphomaniac Volumes One and Two
The bottom line: as my man Nick Fraccaro says, it’s “Kill Bill directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.” Whatever impression the sound of such an incongruous mash-up makes on you will probably be a good indicator of how you feel about this batshit-crazy movie.While the film generated positive critical notices in Von Trier’s native Denmark last year (where both volumes opened on Christmas Day).

2. Trainspotting
This movie contains some lovely scene. Danny Boyle's "Trainspotting" (Great Britain, 1996) was at first released in the USA as a slightly cut R-Rated VHS. Two sex scenes and a scene of the leading actor Ewan McGregor putting a syringe with heroine in his vein were removed. The later US releases were uncut, also with an R-Rating. In some cases the new editions were called Director's Cut, but it's just the uncut original version, which was available in the most countries right from the beginning. The sex scene of Renton and Diane is longer.

3. Stretch Movie
As you could imagine, all those sex scenes that look so hot on the big screen are actually quite awkward while filming. Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson had a lovely sex in this movie but behind-the-scenes clip of Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson trying to get into it while they get sprayed with fake sweat on the set of Joe Carnahan’s movie Stretch.


4. Basic instinct
This movie contains the best sex scene. The mysterious Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), a beautiful crime novelist, becomes a suspect when she is linked to the brutal death of a rock star. Investigated by homicide detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas), Catherine seduces him into an intense relationship.


5. Game Of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen with Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones had a lovely sexy time.The medieval low fantasy series – which is shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic and has amassed a strong following – does not shy away from depicting sex in the land of Westeros.But many of its source material’s more deviant scenes had to be avoided, its creators have said.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

10 Sexiest Celebrities With Large Boobs

If she got large boobs why not appreciate it? Here is a list of 10 sexiest celebrities with big breasts. The Large boobs are often a symbol of confidence and majority of women are willing to have big ones. Though, on the other hand big ones create problems as well. It might be true to some extent but a big size is loved by men. These women get more attention than the ones with skinny assets. Check out this list of sexiest celebrities with big boobs.

10 Sexiest Celebrities With Large Boobs

1. Christina Hendricks 
Christina Hendricks is a sexy American celebrity and well known as Joan Harris from Mad Men series. On this show from 1950’s, Christina wears conservative dresses. However in real life, she likes to present her large natural boobs in more contemporary dresses with deep cleavages. Her attractive measurements are 38-28-37.

2. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is hot celebrity and well know for her big ass. However, she got a nice pair of boobs that are very famous in public. Her hourglass shaped figure with gorgeous body measurements made her worldwide famous and she ws offered 1 million dollars for spending one night with a saudi king. She doesn’t have breast implants or other type of breast enhancement. In 2013, Kim Kardashian posed in purple bikini and many times fans see her sexiest selfies on instagram.

3. Beyonce Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles is 33Y old! The previous year has been a big one for Beyoncé, she dropped a surprise visual album, embarked on both the Mrs. Carter World Tour and On the Run Tour with her husband Jay Z, and landed sexy covers for Flaunt, Out, and CR Fashion Book. She got a nice pair of boobs and we found some of her pics, including behind-the-scenes snaps, sexy onstage pics, and bikini-filled vacations.

4.  Halle Berry
You just can stop yourself while looking at halle berry's lovely melons. Stare at those awesome boobs with your mouth wide open.

5. Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook is quite impressive when we talk about celebrity breasts. She got a great pair of nice melons and she's quite proud of those.

6. Kendra Wilkinson
You would love looking at Kendra Wilkinson hot and lovely boobs without dress. Stare at those lovely boobs with your lips locked . She got a perfect pair and she's never affraid to host your domain.

7. Jessica Simpson
Yes jessica simpson's breasts deserve to be included here. She seems a sexy celebrity. I hope you won't mind having a look at those lovely assets.

8.  Kate Upton
Someone might get jealous after looking at kate upton's sexiest breasts. She has a lovely pair of boobs and she loves displaying them. This may look true why her boobs do have a tendency to jump out when cameras are around. kate upton boob falling out hair flying.

9. Salma Hayek
This photo of the sexiest Salma Hayek breasts ever that will make you extremely hot ... The Most Glorious Boobs Ever Seen on the screen. She's one of the sexiest celebrities with big breasts.

10. Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson is British actress and model. She makes us want to book the first flight to her so that we can find those lovely boobs!


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