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Top Ten Sexiest Bikini Photos

Here is a latest collection of "Top Ten Sexiest Bikini Photos"ever.These bikini photos are very hot and sexiest bikini bodies are displaying this.How these bikini photos are selected?the right selection always matters for you.Your shape––where you naturally distribute weight––determines which swimsuit will look best on you.Measure your hips at the widest point,waist at the smallest point,and bust at the fullest point for the best reference,since swimsuit sizing and styling depend on these ratios.
Top Ten Bikini Photos are here for you.This green bikini looks very nice and her body is sexiest enough to fit this.







The hottest bikini body looks awesome in this photo.Check our other collection or Top Ten on this blog and we hope you will love that.Share your comments about Top Ten Bikini photos.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex Scenes

Here is a history of real sex in movies.These "Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex" scenes are rated as the best movies of Hollywood. Real Sex Scenes are always difficult to record but these movie directors have made it happen.The actors and actresses performing real sex in these movies could make anyone thoughtful.Although,the scenes were recorded for movies but actors and actresses must have enjoyed while performing the real act.Check these Top Ten Movies Featuring Real sex below.
Nymphomaniac 2013 comes on No.1 in Top Ten Movies list which contained Real Sex Scenes.Jamie Bell of "Billy Eilliot" and "Tintin" fame has signed on to costar in director Lars von Trier's latest drama movie,"Nympomaniac,"a two-part sex drama touting the use of unsimulated acts in its drama.Von Trier is back to his provocateur tricks,stirring up Hollywood with his rebellious nature and luring in big name talent with the steamy prospects (Shia LaBeouf can't shut up about getting to have actual sex on camera).
The Idiots (1998) is at No.2.If you think "Nymphomaniac"is Lars von Trier's first foray into the world of unsimulated on-screen sex acts,think again.The Danish director first obliterated cinematic taboos with his 1998 romantic drama "The Idiots,"which features a group of self-proclaimed provocateurs pretending to be disabled and engaging in an actual orgy.
Shortbus (2006) comes at no.3 in this Top Ten Movies List.John Cameron Mitchell's frank look at the sex scene of New York City,aimed to portray life's many intimate acts in all of their confusing glory.Passionate,awkward,and everything in-between,Mitchell rounded up willing participants — most of them non-actors — to embark on their own journey of sexual experimentation.Even in the new millennium,there was nothing quite like it in the United States.
9 Songs (2005) faced a criticism soon after release.Members of the British Parliament protested the release of '9 Songs,'a depiction of a couple's relationship told almost entirely through unsimulated sex scenes,but that reaction is exactly why director Michael Winterbottom made the movie in the first place.
Brown Bunny (2004) is another movie with Real Sex Scenes.The worst film in the history of the festival," proclaimed Roger Ebert after taking in Vincent Gallo's road trip film, which earned a heap of buzz for its graphic depiction of actress Chloƫ Sevigny performing oral sex on the actor/director.
Cruising (1980) comes at No.6 in this Top Ten List.Director William Friedkin was forced by the studios to strip 40 minutes out of his crime thriller,which took Al Pacino's detective character into the world of gay S&M clubs.The problem?The graphic moments featured in the clubs were real.In an interview with Hollywood Interview, Friedkin describes the issue:"The sexuality was actual.It was not simulated.
Caligula (1979) remains at No.7 in this movie list.Gore Vidal attempted to bring the life of Caligula to screen in the '70s and,while "Caligula" was eventually realized,it wasn't exactly what Vidal had in mind.When money became an issue for the director's production,Vidal turned to "Penthouse" magazine founder Bob Guccione,who insisted the film feature over-the-top,hardcore sex scenes.
The Last Tango in Paris (1972) is at No.8.Marlon Brando's sex-filled romantic drama may not have taken its sex acts to the degree of Lars von Trier,but cast members agree that its most sensual went beyond recreation. Recalling her work on director Bernardo Bertolucci's movie,actress Maria Schneider told The Daily Mail that the film's infamous butter scene,in which Brando applies the dairy product to the actress' unmentionables,struck her as too far."That scene wasn't in the original script.
Pink Flamingos (1972) at no.9 in Top Ten Movies.John Waters,the man behind "Hairspray" and "Cry Baby," started his filmmaking career chronicling the fringes of Americana in a way that's unparalleled, even today.His 1972 film "Pink Flamingos" unearths it all: murderous transvestites,S&M dungeons,black market baby rings,the consumption of dog poop — but even more jaw-dropping is its depiction of sex.
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (1972) comes at No.10 in Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex.A hugely important entry in the blaxploitation canon, and one that many critics deem to be the most essential work in this sub-genre, Melvin Van Peeble’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song (surely one of the most frustrating film titles of all-time), saw the actor/director performing in a whole host of unsimulated sex scenes over the course of the film. Van Peebles supposedly even contracted a sexual transmitted disease during the making of the flick – and then filed for worker’s compensation (he was successful – go figure).Though in recent years some of the actors have expressed their concerns as to whether or not the sex really occurred,Van Peebles has always insisted that he was doing the deed for real.Hope you have enjoyed Top Ten Movies list. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Top Ten Richest Countries In the World

Ever wondered what country is the richest in the world?Here is a list of Top Ten Richest Countries In The world.A country’s wealth is not determined by it’s total earnings,but its GDP (Gross Domestic Product).So what is GDP?It is basically a measure of the value of all the services and goods produced domestically.The more these goods and services,the more the GDP.The basic factors that come into consideration while calculating GDP per capita are; Investments made by the industry,export and import ratio,consumption,and government spending.This means that the more the spending and imports,the lesser the GDP.And the more the exports,the higher the GDP.GDP has a major effect  for getting into Top Ten Richest Countries.
There is another measure with which countries are rated in this Top Ten Richest countries list.That is GDP per capita.It is basically what you get when you divide the GDP by the total population.Some say it is not a better indicator of a country’s wealth,since fast growing economies don’t mean anything if they have a large population (like India and China).So here,we have organised the top 10 list according to GDP,and not GDP per capita.
10. Canada – $1.759 Trillion
Continent:North America
Capital city:Ottawa
Population: 34,753,000
GDP per capita:$51,147
Land Area:9,984,670 km2
Official languages:English,French
Currency:CAD (Canadian Dollar–$)
Surprised?Don’t be!Canada has experienced a recent inflow of immigrants from all over the world.The growth of its manufacturing,mining and service sectors has increased productivity,and it exports various good to the U.S, U.K, Japan etc.It ranks Number 10 according to GDP per capita ($51,147) And also has made its way into our top 10 list according to its current GDP income.
9.India–$1.843 Trillion
Capital city:New Delhi
GDP per capita:$1,527
Land Area:3,287,263 km2
Official languages:Hindi,English
Currency:INR (Indian Rupee)
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world!It’s economy is based upon business investments,private consumptions,agricultural outputs,and its key service sectors.Although it’s economy is booming,India’s GDP per capita is still far below other countries in the list.That is due to the large population.India is the second most populus country in the world after China.
8.Italy-$2.245 Trillion
Capital city:Rome
GDP per capita:$37,046
Land Area:301,338 km2
Official languages:Italian
It has a closed income of USD $2,287.704 trillion and according to the World Bank,the International Monetary Fund, and the CIA World Factbook,it has become the fourth largest economy in Europe when it comes to nominal GDP since they have diversified industrial and infrastructure economies.It is one of the eight members of the industrialized nations of the G8 group.
7.Brazil-$2.422 Trillion
Continent:South America
Capital city:Brasilia
GDP per capita:$12,423
Land Area:8,514,877 km2
Official languages:Portuguese
Currency:BRL(Brazilian Real–R$)
Brazil’s main GDP growth comes from service sectors,agriculture,mining,and manufacturing.In fact,it has the largest economy among all of the South American countries.Brazil had a GDP growth of 0.8% in 2011!
6.United Kingdom-$2.603 Trillion
Capital city:London
GDP per capita:$39,459
Land Area:243,610 km2
Official languages:English
Currency:GBP (Pound Sterling)
U.K.has an average quarterly growth of 0.58% and has retained its high GDP despite the recession that hit most other countries.Hence it has one of the most stable economy.Britain’s major income comes from the manufacturing industry (automobiles etc.),value added exports and its service sector.
5.France-$2.808 Trillion
Capital city:Paris
GDP per capita:$44,400
Land Area:674,843 km2
Official languages:French
Currency:EUR (Euro – €),CFP France
Before 2012 ended,France reached a GDP growth of 0.30%.It is focusing on industrial development.France too was adversely hit by the recession in 2008-9,but has started to come back since 2010,and establishing itself as the second largest economic force in Europe.
4.Germany-$3.628 Trillion
Capital city:Berlin
GDP per capita:$44,555
Land Area:357,021 km2
Official languages:German
Currency:EUR (Euro–€)
Germany is most well known for its manufacturing industry.It is the second largest car manufacturing company,after Japan,with respect to production and sales.And its other machinery is also renowned throughout the world for its reliability.German engineering is considered one of the best in the world and it is making lots of head-ways into research and development.
3.Japan-$5.855 Trillion
Capital city:Tokyo
GDP per capita:$45,774
Land Area:377,944 km2
Official languages:Japanese
Currency:JPY(Japanese Yen-¥)
Japan is the world leader in the automotive industry.It exports cars and other machinery worldwide.It also is the leader in modern Mechanics and Robotics,and Artificial Intelligence.Japan has managed to remain in the top 5 list for the last 52 years!All this despite the frequent earthquakes and tsunamis and other natural disasters as well as recessions etc.Hence Japan is one of the most resilient nations when it comes to coping with odds,be they natural obstructions or atomic bombs!
2.China-$6.988 Trillion!
Capital city:Beijing
GDP per capita:$5,184
Land Area:9,640,821 km2
Official languages:Modern Standard Mandarin
Currency:CNY (Renminbi Yuan)
China has amazed us and everybody else in the last couple of decades.Before,it was just a mass of people under communist rule.But in the past few decades,China has surpassed all other nation with respect to its economic growth.It is the fastest growing economy on the planet with a GDP growth of a staggering 2.15%!
1.United States of America-$15.065 Trillion!
Continent:North America
Capital city:Washington D.C.
GDP per capita:$48,147
Land Area:9,826,675 km2
Official languages:English
Currency:USD (U.S. Dollar–$)
United States is the richest country in the world.USA stays on Top in Top Ten.To tell you the truth, no surprises there!Although the GDP sum is quite staggering–more than twice that of its nearest competitor.Like China,it also focuses on trade.The highest recorded GDP growth was 3.28%! Despite recessions,and the alleged “war on terrorism”in Iraq and Afghanistan,and other wars such as Vietnam and Gulf War, it still is the world’s leading economy.That is perhaps because it is home to some of the largest and richest companies.That all about our Top Ten Richest Countries In The World list.All the quoted statistics are from latest IMF and World Bank surveys. Please accept our apologies if there is any mistake.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Top Ten English Songs Ever

Here is a list of Top Ten English Songs.Top Ten Songs ranks the Ten most popular songs ever,either of the week, month or the year based on the top downloads from online song retailers since July 2003. This list is prepared according to the Top Records of downloads and other features.These Charts can be verified through Google.All search based analysis can be found through search engines for these Top Ten songs Ever.
Top Ten Songs list is topped by the famous songs "Thrift Shop" with artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz.
Scream & Shout came at No.2 in Top Ten Songs list ever.The song included artists Featuring Britney Spears.
"I Knew You Were Trouble"with artists Taylor Swift got third rank in this ranking of songs as per download records and votes.
"Ho Hey" by The Lumineers stays at No.4 according to votings and downloads.It is also a song by american song writer Taylor Swift.
"Locked Out Of Heaven"by Bruno Mars comes at No.5 in Top Ten Songs.Locked Out of Heaven" is a song by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars from his second studio album
"Love Me"by Justin and Lil Wayne Featuring Drake & Future comes at No.6 in this ranking of songs.
Don't You Worry Child lyrics are performed by Swedish House Mafia and this song comes at No.7 in Songs ranking.
"Suit & Tie" is a song recorded by American recording artist Justin Timberlake for his upcoming third studio album The 20/20 Experience (2013).This song comes at No.8.
"Diamonds"by Rihana comes at No.9 on songs chart.Diamonds" is a song recorded by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna for her seventh studio album Unapologetic (2012).
"Home"by Philip Philips is present at No.10 as it is a debut single song by American idol season 11.
The Top Ten Songs of English were presented as per true records of charts on internet database.Check our more Top Ten lists and comment on them.


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