Sunday, 27 December 2015

7 Movie Sex Scenes Better Than Porn

If you love watching sex scenes in movies, If you consider movie sex scenes better than porn, Check this out. We have collected the 7 best scenes of movies that are hotter than porn. You'd love watching all of these scenes from movies containing sex. 


1. Blow My Mind (A dream scene with Amarna Miller)
Gorgeous rising star of the new generation of sex, Amarna Miller is a feisty, hot, clever, gorgeous, lovely body and filled with good emotions. Watch her sex scene 'blow my mind'.

2. Oral Sex – Blue Valentine 
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams went extremely hot performing this scene for reality feel. Blue Valentine sex scene is never afraid of making its audience feel horny.

3. Library Sex Scene – Atonement
Nothing is sexier than two sexiest celebrities performing sex scene a few rooms under from a lucious dinner party. Cecilia and Robbie really stunning in this library scene.

4. The First Time – Blue Is The Warmest Color
7 minutes of hot and delicious lesbian sex between two gorgeous and stunning ladies are probably the outcome of this movie.
 Blue Is The Warmest Color sex scene

5. Ice Cube Scene – Nine ½ Weeks
There's a scene in which hero teases heroin with an ice cube throught her stunning body. Her boobs can be seen live in this scene.

6. Train sex Scene – Risky Business
It is probably one of the best sex scenes of Tom cruise. Having fun with co-actress Rebecca De Mornay is a horny style.
Train sex Scene – Risky Business

7. Piano Sex Scene – Movie Pretty Woman
Richard gere and Julia Roberts performed exceptionally well in this movie sex scene of pretty woman - piano scene.
Piano Scene – Pretty Woman

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10 Real Sex Pics Of Celebrities

Looking for real pics of your favorite celebrities? Here is a collection of leaked sex pics of 10 celebrities. We have collected these pics from different sources. Rumors say; these pics are real but we can't provide surety about this. However, Fans are always interested to watch their favorite celebs in real sex scenes and we hope everyone would surely love these sexy pics. Leaked photos of any celebrity always inspire fans and gets instant adoration and fascination from the viewers, most of whom are sexually motivated towards their celebrities to care. This is the problem of today’s celebrities, some celebs intentionally leak pics and some pics are hacked from their data devices.
1. Paris Hilton
Paris hilton says that her phone was hacked but who cares how her real sex pics come out to the public. People wanted to see her nude, so here are her pics.

 2. Kesha
Kesha's sex pics were leaked at the time when no celebrity would like to show her pics. She had just been free probably after sex when this pic was taken.

3. Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook has gone cloth-free many times in magazines but this leaked pic is something’s a sexy surprise to see her leaked pics.

4. Lake Bell
Lake bell is considered as a hottest natural body and who won't like watching her in this style. Such a lovely sexy pic.
Lake Bell sex -pic

5. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is very talented celebrity. She's such a great singer and a lovely beauty to watch, a masterful tease. well Known for her short skirt. Her leaked phone pics were very famous a short time ago.

6. Snookie
Well, Snookie is not behind others in leaking her real sex pics in 2010. Look how beautiful she seems in this vaginal selfie.

7. Heather Morris
Heather Morris took a nudes, self-shots in her cellphone but that were leaked online in March 2012.

8. Cassie Ventura
The new R&B Talent also joins the race with her two sexiest real sex pics leaked online.

9. Lea Michele

10. Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer is cute and beautiful. Her sex picture shows her naked lying. some of her other pics were leaked but this looked stunning. Good camera work in the set actually look magazine-quality.

Who won't like naked celebrities, leaked or fake pics, are everywhere nowadays. It’s the new norm of fame. The advent of releasing the sex tapes has been popular as well. It is a whole new element to the natural life of watching the lives of famous people. Check Out Real Sex Scenes Of Famous Celebrities.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Top 10 Smartphone Companies Of 2015

The smartphone industry is such a tough place to compete that it is hard to keep a company's top position: Everyday the priorities of people are changing and they are looking for new horizons of telecom industry. A few years back, Nokia was at considered as a top company of cellphones, then Samsung started commanding the world of cellphones, and now a days, it seems that it's Chinese are aiming to occupy the top position in this industry. The domain name 'Smartphone' is widely used and being 'Smart' it contains almost everything in it.

In 2014, Apple achieved record-breaking sales of its iPhone and surprised the industry, and people saw that it tried to compete with Samsung for achieving the first place. But, considering the changing minds of humanity - and it's very natural because Apple's majority of phones are upper-tier phones, whereas Samsung offered everything to its users and non-users from lowest to highest price devices. In the first few months of 2015, Samsung started grabbing the market shares with heavy amounts of sale all around the globe with sales of 82.8 million products.24.3% market share was at samsung's credit, while Apple's 61.6 million products were sold, giving them the second place with 17.9% of the market share.

On the other hand Sony and Microsoft, the two well known brands, couldn't gain a considerable sale and hence not present in the top 10 phone makers. Chinese phone brands however started gaining popularity and found their place in this list. In the top 10 phone producer's list now Asian phone makers are occupying the places, 7 of them are from China. There are new arrivals in this quarter, Vivo, a phone producer company that focuses on audio properties and sounds and its premium handsets has high-fidelity audio capabilities.

The list and rating of top 10 smartphone companies came from former Nokia executive Tomi Ahonen, He is considered a well repute personality, probably has the best track records when it comes to such predictions. Says, Obviously we've already watched the market share achievments of iPhones and my assumptions say that the actual market share for complete 2015 for the iPhone will be declined."

It's a projection, but based on the given momentum in iPhone sales, it doesn't seems to go against the market, so it'd be very interesting to keep a good track of that. We can feel at local markets as well, What do you think about this top 10 list of smart phone companies: share your comments with us. Read Top Ten Smartphone Reviews of 2013

Sunday, 14 June 2015

10 Celebrities In Naked Dress

Many of us fantasize watching our favorite celebrities naked. Here , I have 10 sexiest celebrities who practically appeared in naked dresses. The Evolution of the "Naked Dress" on Marie Claire was very popular topic. So I picked the best photos out of MarieClaire's post . Thanks to Marie Claire. The Naked Dressing was seen popular among celebrities with some sexual feelings. It is either kim kardashian in naked dress, beyonce or lady gaga, everyone of them appeared amazingly sexy. Watch celebrity photos below.

1. Kim Kardashian In Naked Dress
Wow! Kanye west could feel himself lucky having that gorgeous body under his belt. Kim Kardashian was almost nude at the Met Gala. Kim take on the naked dress is a nod to Cher's Bob Mackie number from the first-ever Met Gala in 1974. Compared to BeyoncĂ©'s version, it seems downright demure. It is sexier than Latest Nudes Of Actress Jennifer Lawrence.

2. Lady Gaga Nude
Many of Gaga's fans would be looking to see her in this dress. While heading to a night club in London, Lady Gaga worn a fishnet dress with silver pasties and high-waisted black underwear. the dress was showing her bare breasts nicely.

3. Rihanna In Naked Dress
Rihanna's Front exposed everything at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards.It's no surprise this was a classy act for her fans though. Meanwhile media outlets everywhere whipped out their most creative cropping skills.

4. Beyonce At Met Gala
Well, Beyonce haven't kept her fans thirsty as she appeared almost naked at met gala. The most recent spin on the naked dress is by far the naked-est—and most stunning. We bow down to Queen Bey, who may have showed up to the red carpet a few hours late, but who made the wait so worth it. Think she was squeezing in some extra sit-ups?

5. Naked Bleona Qereti
Bleona Qereti found nude at the 2014 American Music Awards function. See her black nipples.There's something super '90s about this look—maybe it's the Rose McGowan vibe we're picking up on.

6. Rita Ora Bare Back
Rita Ora's bare back almost clinched the fists of everyone in the hall. Rita Ora found amazingly sexy in a naked dress at the 2015 'Vanity Fair' Oscars After PartyThis sheer black paneled naked dress manages to feel chic *while* it's dropping your jaw.

7. Miley Cyrus At Music
Miley Cyrus found nude at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Should you as miley cyrus that Do the nipple covers make this dress less naked? Not really , I think.

8. Mariah Carey at Caesars Palace
Mariah Carey as seen at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, very sexier look. A flesh-toned sheath is made a little less scandalous with a black bra instead of a nude one.

9. Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard
Jennifer Lopez in a naked dress at the Billboard Music Awards 2015 stunned everyone.Lopez is nearly-naked yet again in this silver, illusion-paneled dress with swirly sequin embroidery.

10. Irina Shayk Lovely Dress
Irina Shayk worn a naked dress at the 2015 'Vanity Fair' Oscars After Party. Did Irina and Rita call each other to coordinate first?
Share your thoughts about these gorgeous bodies and lovely dresses . Thanks for reading this post of celebrities.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

7 Things You Need To Know Before Real Sex

As a sexuality teacher, I am here to tell you about the "Ten things you need to know before real sex."I invest a large portion of my energy helping folks see how to educate their kids and young people about sex and sexuality.The majority of the issues that accompany those things of having real sex. One question that folks regularly request me is the way by which they verify their teens are prepared to have intercourse. Setting aside issues of whether people ought to have considerable information and control over their teen's sexual activities, I found that people were depending on objectives that were very ambiguous.And so, These are my ten tips that teenagers need to know before they have real sex. Just to make it clear, these are must do things before you have oral sex, sexual penetration, or anything else that could get you pregnant or any STD.

10 Things Before Sex
1. Know the other person’s sexual history.
If someone is making a sexual path towards your heart, you must know his/her history. And I don’t mean just vaginal intercourse for this one! I mean everything.

2. Have your best friend’s Opinion If Possible.
It is often our best friends who can give us a true suggestion about our lovers and our sexual lovers for what they really are. Listen to their advises, Listen what your best friend says, and take it to heart.

3. Must Meet your partner’s parents.
Make sure you know your partner’s parents. The best sex is when you know your partner very well, and knowing someone’s parents is an important part of sex. (Even if they’re really, really different from their family.)

4. Use condoms As Your First Choice.
Make sure Condoms should be part of your respectful sexual relationship. It can protect you from so many aftershocks. It can avoid pregnancy, It can avoid Sexual disease as well. There need be no assumption of hook ups outside of the relationship, just an assumption of good sexual habits being made and kept.

5. Make Sure Your Partner Is Not Just A Sex Freak
Some people date other just for the sake of sex. Being a good person, you need to know, what for you are going to do sex. Is the other one is just a sex freak? will he/she support you after the one night of sex? You just can't throw your body in anybody's hands.

6. Are You Comfortable Getting Naked In Front Of Each Other?
You just can't put your clothes off infront of all humans. first revisit your thoughts, can you really easily turn off your clothes in front of him/her? Fantasy is never a reality anyways.

7. Do Not Go Blindly 
Sex is a genuine way to feel closer to someone, so it’s understandable if you experience intense feelings about sex. If you’re worried about the feelings you’re having, re-think, talk it through with your partner or someone you can trust, like a good friend, family member or a counsellor.

Friday, 1 May 2015

5 Amazing Movies With Real Sex Scenes

Everyone loves movies with sex scenes. It creates a thrill, desperation and sometimes the real hotness among the viewers. The real sex movies are always considered a spice of life. Here is a list of 5 best sex movies in which actor were considered to be involved in real sex.

5 Movies With Real Sex

1. Hollywood Sex Wars
Hollywood Sex Wars, considered a comedy movie which is written and directed by Paul Sapiano. Three friends struggle to get success around the Hollywood dating scene. The movie cast includes Mario Diaz, Dominique Purdy, Richie Blair. Hollywood Sex Wars was released in summer 2011. Hollywood Sex Wars is  a movie with some real sex scenes, comedic satire of the 20’s-something single life. Max (Dominique Purdy) with his friends, Glen (Nicholas Cooper) and Aaron (Richard Blair), are desperate for some attention from the ladies. But with their sloppy dresses, stupid pickup lines, and ignorance of the ladies, they are usually bound to spend their Saturday nights alone.

2.Angel Heart (1987)
A combination of mystery and horror is found in this hollywood movie with a nice twist starred Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel, who is a private investigator in New Orleans and goes for searching for a missing person - himself (Johnny Favorite). He finds a young sexy voodoo priestess Epiphany Proudfoot (Lisa Bonet). It is believed that Lisa Bonet had real sex with him for making it a reality scene

3. Bitter Moon (1992)
This movie with bold scenes brings out the dark and perverted side of human sexuality (love/hate/sex) . These passionate things were explored in this lovely and hot Roman Polanski psycho-thriller, A wheel-chaired husband (Peter Coyote) and his horny French wife (Emmanuelle Seigner), as the two were on an ocean voyage with a prim and proper British couple (Kristin Scott-Thomas and Hugh Grant). There are some nice real sex scenes in this movie.


4. Boogie Nights (1997)
The sex film industry of the earlier years 1970s-80s was hard-core focused, of Paul Thomas Anderson's epic, starring Burt Reynolds as a sex director, Julianne Moore as sex actress Amber Waves, Heather Graham as Rollergirl, and Mark Wahlberg as well-endowed Dirk Diggler. Watch heather sex scene.

Body of Evidence (1993)
Epic sex movie which was NC-17 rated and the best erotic thriller in which Willem Dafoe (as a lawyer) and Madonna (with an outright horny performance as a murder suspect) - derided and panned by many critics for its hot wax S&M sequence and other real sex scenes.

Monday, 6 April 2015

10 Latest Nudes Of Actress Jennifer Lawrence (NSFW)

Jennifer Lawrence is an oscar winning actress whose nude photos are leaked on internet. Recently she's among the latest celebrities to have her privacy distorted at the hands of some hackers. After this news of the celebrity privacy disturbance,as Photos hit the web, a spokesmen for Lawrence said, “This is a clear violation of privacy. The agencies have been contacted and we will prosecute anyone who posted the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Phone Pics
What's the reason behind leaked phone pics of jennifer lawrence? Meanwhile, It is assumed that a hacker on the 4chan site, revealed he has got more than 60 nude pics of the Jennifer Lawrence.  in an attempt to earn bitcoins, He claimed he was able to tap into the celeb’ phones via an Apple iCloud leak. Whatsoever, the case is genuine as everyone love watching amazing celebrities clothfree. 










Winstead, Lawrence can take some small comfort in the fact that she is not alone in this race.It seems the case of the celebrity nude-photo hack is far from over, as TMZ reports that earlier this weekend a slew of brand-new nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Enjoy watching Jennifer Lawrence leaked phone images.

Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Most Expensive Dream Houses In United States

Whenever, you think of your house what comes next in your mind first? How your dream house should look like? Is it what Equipped with unlimited cash and a blank slate, Perhaps it should be like the one of the most expensive homes in the state. There are plenty of expensive real estate on the planet that can be included in this list of most expensive dream houses. I have collected some of the priceiest properties in every state. Whether you fancy guitar-shaped grounds (yes, they exist!) or prefer the tranquility of more than 8,600 feet of waterfront land, these over-the-top homes are the stuff of modern fairy tales. Check this list of best dream houses on the planet.

Alabama is so beautiful and Perfect for the Rock 'n Roll enthusiasts. It is probably the most lavishing estate with a guitar-shaped garden that could be yours for just $13.9 million. The property in Shoal Creek, I found somewhere that Alabama is an amazing mansion that comes complete with grounds shaped like a guitar.

According To Zillow 's most expensive houses in the state list, This house in Alaska is 10,000+ square foot home which has the price in market $4.8 million. Would you dare buying a beautiful house like this? It is such a nice and cool house , you'd love enjoying living with your spouse. Check top ten places to enjoy real sex.


This beautiful house in Los Angeles , Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, CA List Price: $125 millionHouse Size: 35,000 square feet Listed With: Michael Waddington. It is the best real estate deal in LA.


Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by a French chateaux, Suzanne Saperstein's 12 bed, 15 bath manse touts a ballroom that fits 200 guests, two kitchens, staff quarters for 10 people, a 50-seat theater, a 9-car garage and a 3/4 quarter mile jogging track.

These house is in Holmby Hills,California and it was put up for sale at a price tag of $150 million by Aaron Spelling’s widow,Candy.The most expensive house in the USA used to be William Randolph Hearst’s California estate,that mansion featured in “The Godfather”, in the horse head scene.Now,that title has been claimed by the largest home in Los Angeles County - “The Manor”. The Manor is build in the English-style and it has 56.500 sqares foot!(Whoo)In these luxury home there are 123 rooms,includint a screening room,gym,bowling alley,a tennis court,pool and 100-car parking lot.This is a home or a fun-land.


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