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Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex Scenes

Here is a history of real sex in movies.These "Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex" scenes are rated as the best movies of Hollywood. Real Sex Scenes are always difficult to record but these movie directors have made it happen.The actors and actresses performing real sex in these movies could make anyone thoughtful.Although,the scenes were recorded for movies but actors and actresses must have enjoyed while performing the real act.Check these Top Ten Movies Featuring Real sex below.
Nymphomaniac 2013 comes on No.1 in Top Ten Movies list which contained Real Sex Scenes.Jamie Bell of "Billy Eilliot" and "Tintin" fame has signed on to costar in director Lars von Trier's latest drama movie,"Nympomaniac,"a two-part sex drama touting the use of unsimulated acts in its drama.Von Trier is back to his provocateur tricks,stirring up Hollywood with his rebellious nature and luring in big name talent with the steamy prospects (Shia LaBeouf can't shut up about getting to have actual sex on camera).
The Idiots (1998) is at No.2.If you think "Nymphomaniac"is Lars von Trier's first foray into the world of unsimulated on-screen sex acts,think again.The Danish director first obliterated cinematic taboos with his 1998 romantic drama "The Idiots,"which features a group of self-proclaimed provocateurs pretending to be disabled and engaging in an actual orgy.
Shortbus (2006) comes at no.3 in this Top Ten Movies List.John Cameron Mitchell's frank look at the sex scene of New York City,aimed to portray life's many intimate acts in all of their confusing glory.Passionate,awkward,and everything in-between,Mitchell rounded up willing participants — most of them non-actors — to embark on their own journey of sexual experimentation.Even in the new millennium,there was nothing quite like it in the United States.
9 Songs (2005) faced a criticism soon after release.Members of the British Parliament protested the release of '9 Songs,'a depiction of a couple's relationship told almost entirely through unsimulated sex scenes,but that reaction is exactly why director Michael Winterbottom made the movie in the first place.
Brown Bunny (2004) is another movie with Real Sex Scenes.The worst film in the history of the festival," proclaimed Roger Ebert after taking in Vincent Gallo's road trip film, which earned a heap of buzz for its graphic depiction of actress Chloƫ Sevigny performing oral sex on the actor/director.
Cruising (1980) comes at No.6 in this Top Ten List.Director William Friedkin was forced by the studios to strip 40 minutes out of his crime thriller,which took Al Pacino's detective character into the world of gay S&M clubs.The problem?The graphic moments featured in the clubs were real.In an interview with Hollywood Interview, Friedkin describes the issue:"The sexuality was actual.It was not simulated.
Caligula (1979) remains at No.7 in this movie list.Gore Vidal attempted to bring the life of Caligula to screen in the '70s and,while "Caligula" was eventually realized,it wasn't exactly what Vidal had in mind.When money became an issue for the director's production,Vidal turned to "Penthouse" magazine founder Bob Guccione,who insisted the film feature over-the-top,hardcore sex scenes.
The Last Tango in Paris (1972) is at No.8.Marlon Brando's sex-filled romantic drama may not have taken its sex acts to the degree of Lars von Trier,but cast members agree that its most sensual went beyond recreation. Recalling her work on director Bernardo Bertolucci's movie,actress Maria Schneider told The Daily Mail that the film's infamous butter scene,in which Brando applies the dairy product to the actress' unmentionables,struck her as too far."That scene wasn't in the original script.
Pink Flamingos (1972) at no.9 in Top Ten Movies.John Waters,the man behind "Hairspray" and "Cry Baby," started his filmmaking career chronicling the fringes of Americana in a way that's unparalleled, even today.His 1972 film "Pink Flamingos" unearths it all: murderous transvestites,S&M dungeons,black market baby rings,the consumption of dog poop — but even more jaw-dropping is its depiction of sex.
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (1972) comes at No.10 in Top Ten Movies Featuring Real Sex.A hugely important entry in the blaxploitation canon, and one that many critics deem to be the most essential work in this sub-genre, Melvin Van Peeble’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song (surely one of the most frustrating film titles of all-time), saw the actor/director performing in a whole host of unsimulated sex scenes over the course of the film. Van Peebles supposedly even contracted a sexual transmitted disease during the making of the flick – and then filed for worker’s compensation (he was successful – go figure).Though in recent years some of the actors have expressed their concerns as to whether or not the sex really occurred,Van Peebles has always insisted that he was doing the deed for real.Hope you have enjoyed Top Ten Movies list. 

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