Friday, 25 January 2013

Top Ten Keywords 2013

The Top Ten Keywords List for 2013 is here.This Most Searched Keywords list is based upon USA visitors and popular trends in USA.We know that Keywords are always important for web-masters and web-owners.If you have a right usage of Keywords,your website or blog will gain popularity and importance in Google searches.Google plays a vital role in search statistics and websites weight-age.So,I have collected a research based data on Top Ten Keywords 2013 here.
1.Coachella 2013
Coachella 2013 was rated on Top in Top Ten Keywords 2013 as it got very popular this week in USA.The Coachella 2013 was searched more than 200000 in recent days.Thomas Mars of Phoenix in a 2009 performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.Phoenix will headline day two of the 2013 Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio.
2.Beyonce Lip Sync
Beyonce Lip Sync is a hot topic for this week.Four days after President Obama's inauguration ceremony,Beyonce is still under fire for her 'pre-recorded' performance of the 'Star-Spangled.Questions linger two days after popular singer gave what appeared to be a live,stirring rendition of 'The Star Spangled Banner'at inauguration.
3.Sloane Stephens
Sloane Stephens is an American professional tennis player.Her current rank is world no. 25,as of January 13,2013.The last thing Sloane Stephens needs is the outside pressure that historically has played a role in ruining a career before it even gets a true going.
4.Diane O'Meara
Diane O'Meara was the real face of the fake girlfriend who fooled Notre Dame star Manti Te'o,and now the 23-year-old O'Meara is speaking the reality.The woman who was unknowingly the face of Lennay Kekua said the man who concocted the hoax confessed to her.
AAPL was the fifth in Top Ten Keywords 2013 list.Very popular keyword Apple (AAPL) Descriptions were searched widely.... How do you think AAPL will perform against the market? Outperform. Underperform. See what other Fools are saying about AAPL.
6.New Orleans Pelicans
With the Hornets being retired,the NBA announced the new name of New Orleans' basketball team.The New Orleans Pelicans are in news again at the beginning of the 2013-14 NBA season.
7.JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams was very popular this week.Jeffrey Jacob "J. J."Abrams is an American film and television producer,screenwriter,director,actor,and composer.He is well known for his work in the genres of action,drama,and science fiction.
8.Kate Upton
Kate Upton is also very famous in USA.Katherine "Kate" Upton is an American model and actress,known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue first in 2011.
9.Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama became a hot topic after Inauguration 2013.We were completely mesmerized by Michelle Obama's elegant look last night at the 2013 Inaugural B.
10.Jasun Wu
Jasun Wu got popularity as the first lady Michelle Obama wore his dresses 2009-2013 and till now.Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer based in New York City.He is most famous for designing the dresses of Michelle Obama on several occasions,including during first and second inauguration of American President Barack Obama.
This Top Ten Keyword 2013 List includes the Most Popular Keywords of this week on Google and other search engines.Webmasters would definitely like to focus on these keywords.  

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