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Latest Top Ten Movies 2012 Free

The following Top ten movies of 2012 are the ones that have really stuck with me.They’re the ones that have gotten better with months or weeks of age and have separated themselves from the pack.Some of them will definitely be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and others will not even be considered.Some of them you’ll probably agree with,and some of them will probably make you laugh and doubt my credibility.That’s okay.I’ve worked and reworked these ten movies over and over again,and at least for the moment,I think this is the best possible reflection of my own taste in what 2012 had to offer at the theater.
Life Of Pi is one of the best-crafted movies of the year.How Lee was able to make a story largely about the tediousness of trying to survive at sea riveting is beyond me,but his well-balanced,engaging film is a testament to his own decision-making and the wonder of Yann Martel’s beloved book.
So many details about 21 Jump Street are just right.From one-strapping the backpack to the rules of coolness being rewritten in just a few short years,21 Jump Street has a really astute eye,and at times,it’s willing to call itself out for,on paper,being a somewhat formulaic retread.Luckily for audiences,it’s actually so much more.
Beasts Of The Southern Wild is a weird movie.Thanks to the collective nonsense of those living in the Bathtub,it’s often infuriating too,but at no point is it ever boring.It firecrackers forward with a crazy,slapdash momentum and somehow makes complete sense amidst all its eccentricities and hang-ups.It’s about growing up and confronting whatever is on your plate with a smile,and miraculously,it features two stunning performances by Louisiana locals who weren’t even actors.
With great performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt,Bruce Willis,Emily Blunt,Jeff Daniels and newcomer Pierce Gagnon, Looper is able to present a fascinating web of conflicting perspectives and intentions without turning any one person into the “bad guy”.It’s a well-written,well-shot and clever movie,and Cid Harrington’s meltdown with Jesse remains the most fucked-up and awesome moment I saw at the movies all year.
The best comedies don’t rely on a single character to generate laughs,and Pitch Perfect is a true ensemble.Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy and Adam DeVine’s Bumper Allen may lead the charge,but they’re buoyed by some great work from Elizabeth Banks,John Michael Higgins and leads Brittany Snow,Anna Kendrick and Anna Camp.Pitch Perfect gets college.It gets a capella competitions,and it gets exactly where the joke is in any given scene.
Admittedly,Lincoln is about fifteen minutes too long and has a few moments that don’t exactly work,but as a whole,it’s a moving,well-constructed masterpiece interested in the details and specifics of an extremely important moment in the history of the United States.Honest Abe might not be the legend we grew up with here,but in a way,he’s even better.This Movie is worth of Inclusion in Top Ten Movies 2012.
Skyfall is not only one of 2012’s best movies,it’s one of the best James Bond movies of all-time.Filled with action,clever moments of nostalgia,romance and most importantly,a firm analysis of why 007 needs to exist in modern society,it’s both a nod to the past and a product of this very moment.It couldn’t exist without the 50 years of Bond greatness that came before,and ideally,it should begin a new path for future generations of filmmakers and stars to follow for the next five decades of MI6 shenanigans.
Zero Dark Thirty is an obsessively detailed, well-made look at an operation that unfolded slowly through years and years of highs, lows and painfully long periods of unchanged middle grounds. At almost two hours and forty minutes, it’s really long, but thanks to great acting performances by Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke and a few others, it doesn’t feel long at all. It feels just right, and when the payoff comes at the end, it feels deserved as much for some of the characters as it does for members of the audience.
The men and women who populate David O Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook are among the most flawed and fucked-up this year had to offer,but by looking for the humor and celebrating the silver linings,Bradley Cooper’s Pat and Jennifer Lawrence’s Tiffany actually come across as loveable,hilarious and at times,even relatable.
Argo is the best movie of the year because it’s a complete cinematic experience.It’s funny,nostalgic,filled with action and cleverly written.Everyone looks and talks like they belong in the movie,and there’s not any excess waste.It’s a zippy two hours,which is really refreshing for a complicated movie with a dense plot that could have conceivably been much longer.

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