Thursday, 11 July 2013

Top Ten Sex Movies

People love watching the Best Movies with Real Sex scenes.It ads a lot of spice into their lives.Here is a another list of Best Movies with Un-simulated hot Scenes.The trend of producing real scenes is very popular these days.Many of the actresses didn't even bothered to remove their entire clothes in-front of cameras and performing those acts wildly.The showbiz is taking the trend of smallest clothes or even no clothes.However, a Real Sex Scene makes an impact on the entire movie marketing and attracting viewers.Check this list of Sex Movies of the week below.
1.Staying On Top
Staying on Top stars Holly Sampson as Katherine Phillips,an advertising exec who's shifted out of a big account by her scheming boss Cindy La Conte (Angela Davies).When I review softcore flicks, I usually don't put much emphasis on plot but I made an exception in this case for though the story here isn't particularly outstanding, it's genuinely enjoyable and kept me on my toes with plenty of fun twists and turns.
2. The Other Man
A lady Unsatisfied by her boring marriage,Christine begins an affair with a seductive,mysterious stranger named Quinn.The movie contains some Real sex scenes.
3.The Dark Side Of Porn
The Dark Side of porn is a nice movie with Un-simulated Scenes.A lot of hot scenes in this film make it a spicy movie.
4.The Water Dance
The Water Dance movie contains a variety of Sex scenes in it.An oft overlooked film about struggling to deal with paralysis.Author Joel Garcia breaks his neck while hiking and then enjoying on bed.
5.Jan Dara
Jan Dara (Thai: จัน ดารา) is a 2001 Thai erotic-period-drama film directed and co-written by Nonzee Nimibutr and co-starring Hong Kong cinema actress Christy.The movie is full of such hot scenes.
6.Survival Island
This movie has some real hot scenes with no simulation in it.The actress is seen many times without clothes in this movie and making full love with the hero.
7.Life of A Gigolo
This movie is based on the theme of a gigolo husband who like his wife with other men.The movie contains the best spicy acts of his wife.
8.Leap Year
Nothing about Leap Year plays out exactly like you expect,and Rowe prefers to send you home with ... To Rowe's credit,this isn't just a movie about sex.It is an awesome movie with a blend of hot shoots.
9.Killing Me softly
A woman faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationship with her boyfriend to pursue exciting sexual scenarios with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer.A very hot scene featuring Heather Graham as she strips down completely nude for a steamy sex scene with some lucky douche.
10.The Other Side of The Bed
This is also an awesome movie featuring Real Sex scenes.The Movie is rated as one of nice Sex Movies around.There is no addition of camera work in this movie,all scenes are real.

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