Thursday, 31 October 2013

Top ten hot women celebrities of the week

There were thousands of searches on managed hosting services this week for hottest women of the world. These hot women celebrities appeared to be the Top Ten hot women of this week. Miley Cyrus is always leading the searches going on live for her news and she is still the hottest female celebrity of the week. By posting X-rated photos she tries to get an auto insurance of publicity. Judging by the very X-rated photo she posted via Twitter, Halloween definitely involves some sort of trick or treatin' for the singer (the three carved pumpkins in the shot feature a variety of X-rated scenes of people, you know, doing it, and one featuring the singer’s favorite plant - a marijuana leaf). There are so many visitors in her Credit card.
Emma Watson is the 2nd most searched hot woman of the week. Emma Watson Is A Ray Of Sunshine as she is really hot! Jets Off To Her Destination At LAX!The Bling Ring actress was spotted at LAX on Wednesday as she got ready to board a flight out of El Lay!But Ems! You just came back on the west coast last week!!Well, if you're worth a whopping $45 million, you might as well be free to go where you please!
Selena Gomez is the 3rd sexiest celebrity of the week.Some people are willing to do just about anything to meet their favorite celebrity. One very giving, or slightly crazy, Tampa woman was willing to  go all out to help her sister meet pop star Selena Gomez. Radio station Hot 101.5 Tampa Bay offered up the opportunity of a lifetime to any Gomez fan: tickets to her upcoming concert and backstage passes.There was one big caveat: you had to get a nice, big permanent tattoo of Gomez's face on your body.
Ariana Grande stays at No.4 in this list of top ten women. The viral photo Streaming The HOTTEST Ariana Grande nude pictures on the internet! These are the controversial naked photos posted on twitter by Ariana Grande. She is making money online with her viral photos.
Demi Lovato becomes the 5th hot women of the week. who would've thought Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama would be spotted at Yeezy's concert with Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler in tow!We didn't know Joe & Blanda were fans of Yeezus!What could've been an awkward double date actually seemed like there's no bad blood between the exes, could they have Wilmer to thank?After all, he and Joe are pretty good buds.The former Disney stars brought their significant others to 'Ye's star studded concert at the Staples Center and were caught on camera by a fan who just happened to be at the concert at the same time.
Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her sexy looks on twitter a few days ago. Her large buttocks were visible in this photo. she is in the establishment process after her baby birth. she is at no.6.
Jennifer Aniston takes no.7 in this list. After her wedding news recently, people say that Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Wedding Won’t Happen.For months now, we’ve been hearing the excuse that they’re too busy, that they’re having children, that Jennifer has gotten pregnant. However, a report from Gossip Table states that Jennifer and Justin are just not going to get married, and everything else they say is just an excuse to keep the public stalling.
Scarlett Johansson is the latest victim of a nude photo HACKER after a few pics she took of herself naked ended up online. The FBI is investigating the issue but these photos brought Scarlette Johansson in this list of sexiest women celebrities of the week.
Tina Fay is 9th in this list. Sunday night's 2013 Emmy Awards brought beautiful ensembles and crazy high heels to Los Angeles, and Tina Fey's outfit did not disappoint.
Marilyn Monroe has a unique place in history and now will be remembered in wax at the Madame Tussauds museum in Washington. She is the 10th most searched women of the week.
There may be many other to be included in this list of top ten hot women but this list is based upon the popularity of these women during the past week. Check our other reviews of top ten and share your comments about this post.

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